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Julian Assange accused of ‘spreading faeces on walls’ as Ecuador criticises his behaviour in the embassy

Ecuador officials have claimed Julian Assange smeared faeces on the walls inside the embassy as his relationship with them deteriorated towards the end of his near seven-year long stay. The WikiLeaks founder, 47, is said to have increasingly annoyed his landlords with late-night skateboarding and football in the halls and arguments with his caretakers. Ecuador officials also […]

Lisa Armstrong looks glum as Ant McPartlin returns to TV on Britain’s Got Talent

Lisa Armstrong has been spotted looking glum days after Ant McPartlin returned to TV on Britain’s Got Talent without her. The make-up artist, 42, used to work on the show alongside her husband but was axed following their split. The latest series of the TV talent contest returned this weekend and despite losing her BGT gig, Lisa remains an in-demand […]

The Incredible, Intoxicating Potential of Star Trek: Discovery’s Third Season

Last week, Star Trek: Discovery’s second season finale delivered more explosionsthan a full compliment of photon torpedoes ever could. But with them, it also delivered one of the biggest status quo shifts a Star Trek show has ever contemplated—and it wasn’t just shocking, it brought with it some truly fascinating promise. “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2” concluded with Michael […]

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