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LEGO Braille bricks are the best, nicest and, in retrospect, most obvious idea ever

Braille is a crucial skill to learn for children with visual impairments, and with these LEGO Braille Bricks, kids can learn through hands-on play rather than more rigid methods like Braille readers and printouts. Given the naturally Braille-like structure of LEGO blocks, it’s surprising this wasn’t done decades ago. The truth is, however, that nothing can […]

If You Didn’t Like the Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer, Try This Terrifyingly Surreal One Instead

Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t look promising. But it definitely has room to look… stranger. Because, as uncanny as the filmic Sonic may be (though not for long, possibly), he ain’t got nothing on the sheer power of internet content creators. Here’s the thing: the internet, channelling the capability of computers to create things that don’t look like real life […]

Google Staffers Say They Were Retaliated Against For Helping Organise 2018 Walkout

Two Google employees who helped to organise a labour walkout estimated to involve 20,000 workers in protest of the company’s mishandling of sexual harassment and assault cases in November 2018 have claimed Google retaliated against them, according to Wired. Wired wrote that Meredith Whittaker of Google’s Open Research artificial intelligence project and YouTube marketing manager Claire Stapleton said […]

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