How Avengers Endgame Helps Tease Marvel’s Slate of Disney+ Shows


Today is the day that Avengers Endgame hits cinemas in the UK, and it’s fair to say many of the most die hard fans will have booked tickets to the midnight screenings that took place last night. Naturally Endgame is not the end, and there’s still plenty more to come from the MCU, including a slate of shows that will be made exclusively for the Disney+ streaming service. Now if you were paying attention during the film, you might have noticed a few things that help them up. Let’s run through them all.

This one was the most obvious setup, provided you actually knew that Falcon and Bucky were getting their own spin-off series. Captain America made the choice to mess with the timeline by returning to the past, effectively retiring from the superhero business. That leaves Bucky and Falcon without the man that defined their respective hero careers, and adapting to that new status quo is the perfect story to adapt in their spun off adventures. Plus Falcon has the shield now, which suggests he may follow the comics and become the new Captain America.

We don’t have any clue what Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s story might be, but with Cap still in the picture there would always be that lingering question of why they didn’t call him for help. Now that Cap is an old man that seriously limits his usefulness in combat, and it means Falcon and Bucky have to rely on each other and not their mutual friend – for better or worse. They do have a pretty antagonistic relationship, after all.

lf Endgame’s epilogue is anything to go by then it looks like the show (or limited series, as Disney refers to it) will be set in the aftermath, and not the many years between Civil War and Infinity War.

One of Endgame’s lingering plot threads is that Loki managed to escape after the battle of New York, all thanks to the bumbling actions of future Tony Stark. Though in fairness he was tackled by the Hulk. Still Loki escaped, and that opens up problems in the timeline as a result. Not as many as Thanos’s armies heading into the future and being dusted, but still.

As Endgame finished Loki was still dead, with his neck broken at the hands of Thanos at the very start of Infinity War which means the Loki series can’t possibly be a sequel. Since the series seemingly focuses on the god of mischief travelling through time “as unlikely influencer on historical events”, there were obviously ways round that problem, but Endgame just opened the door to explore a new possibility.

Loki just escaped, and now there’s a huge gap where he’s totally unaccounted for. Barring a prequel series, set before Thor and The Avengers, it makes sense that this is where Loki ends up going on his magical mystery tour throughout human history. Of course the tesseract is only capable of transporting people through space, but that’s just a technicality.

Given this hasn’t been officially confirmed by Marvel or Disney, there’s not a lot to say. That being said the film does open with Clint teaching his daughter how to shoot a bow, and referring to her as ‘Hawkeye’ after she hits the bullseye. Given that the series is supposed to focus on Clint and Kate Bishop (a younger hero that also goes by the name Hawkeye in the comics) this hints that Lila Barton may end up as the one taking on her father’s mantle.

It makes way more sense than him taking a random teenager under his wing, and it’s a plot point that couldn’t happen in the comics because the Clint Barton of Earth 616 never had a family

There isn’t much we can gleam from the film about WandaVision, which is currently setting itself up as the first MCU series to hit Disney+. But since the film didn’t involve resurrecting Vision, it means the film can only take place before the events of Infinity War. That is barring the creation of a new Vision, which has happened in the comics, but obviously isn’t all that likely. A new Vision wouldn’t have that same bond with Wanda anyway, though that would make for a good story.

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