Lego Ideas’ 10th Anniversary Vote Gives Old Rejects a New Chance at Life


The great thing about Lego Ideas is that fans get to have their say on which fan-submitted Lego models they’d like to see made, but the downside is that only a small handful of them ever do. It’s rare that the selection committee picks more than two, and even then they usually just pick one. But Ideas’ 10th anniversary has just been and gone, and to celebrate Lego is letting fans choose an old reject and give it a new chance at life.

Four sets have been chosen, all of which gained the necessary 10,000 votes needed to make it to the selection committee. Why only four? Who can say, but the sets in question are the International Space Station, a giant Lego Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch), miniature Sega arcade machines, and a grisly visage of a Lego torso being ripped open and spilling his yellow brick guts all over the place. Obviously we didn’t pick that one, and I think the ISS would look just lovely next to the Saturn V rocket.

You only get one vote, and voting is open from today until 2pm (BST) 4th June, so that doesn’t give you very much time to make a decision. Thankfully we don’t have to wait as long as we do with typical Lego Ideas selection, and the winner will be announced on 4th June ready for release sometime next year. Naturally that means the designer behind the winning design gets all the same goodies as those who’ve seen their sets developed in the past.

You can head over to the Lego ideas website right now, and cast your vote. Sadly we don’t get to see who has how many votes until the winner is announced.

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