Stormzy’s Snowbombing appearance cancelled: Grime artist pulls out of festival ‘due to racial profiling’


Stormzy has cancelled his appearance at Snowbombing Festival just hours before he was set to go on stage after accusing the festival of “racial profiling.”

The grime artist claims the Austrian festival “targeted them despite no one fitting the description” after receiving reports of an attendee carrying a weapon.

He took to Instagram Stories to post a series of messages to fans in which he addressed the cancellation, apologising to those who had travelled to see him.

But the festival, which takes place in Mayrhofen, said they acted “in accordance with protocol” and they are “deeply saddened” that Stormzy is no longer performing.

A spokesman for the festival added that Stormzy was not on site when the incident took place.

Stormzy was set to perform on Wednesday night (Stormzy/Instagram)

In his post, the 25-year-old said: “My sincerest apologies to anyone who travelled all that way to watch me perform I’m genuinely upset that you’ve wasted your time and money and that burns me more than you’d know.

“The last ever thing I wanna do is let down anyone who’s taken time out to support me.

“So please hear me out, I too would be fuming if I travelled and spent money to go and watch an artist and they pull out last minute.

“However if these are the drastic steps that I need to take to make a point against racism and racial profiling then trust me I’m taking it.”

A statement from the festival said: “Snowbombing regrets to inform you that Stormzy will no longer be performing at the festival this evening.

“Last night (Wednesday 10) Snowbombing’s security were alerted to the possibility that an individual at the festival was allegedly carrying a weapon.

“In accordance with protocol, a small number of attendees, including Stormzy’s manager were escorted to the nearest exit, searched and no weapon was found.

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